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Government advertising expenditure 2023 on the practical website

  • In 2023 the Spanish programmer Jaime Gómez-Obregon opened the tool to explain in an understandable way the data of the advertising campaigns carried out by the Basque Government, for the period 2018-2022. You have now processed last year's data and you can already check it. Gómez-Obregon has received impressive works on uncomfortable PDF with no proper format and with errors in the public information provided by the Government for this purpose.
2018-2023 artean diru gehien jaso duten hamar hedabideak.
Artikulu hau CC BY-SA 3.0 lizentziari esker ekarri dugu.

17 May 2024 - 11:13

The programmer freely distributed his work last year, the development of software, but, of course, the Government has not reused it: better distribute the PDFs that have passed 200 pages. You've also uploaded this PDF to the web, here.

Errors in this document, erroneous amounts in expenditures for digital publications, p. ex. :

In this thread Gómez-Obregon has collected these errors and the account of this year’s lack of work.

And with regard to this year’s results (i.e. from the previous year, 2023) see, where advertising and communication costs for 2023 have already been added to last year’s data. In a quick search, the campaigns that can be related to the year 2023 here, a total of 149.

And one specific issue, to mention the Grand Department of the Tour, which appears in two campaigns (we have the impression that there was more, but well, two appear in the report analysed).

One of the things seen in last year's data. The expenditure of the Basque Government, as with the Tour, is done in Spanish media and communication with most of the topics. At these two moments of the Tour, in newspaper supplements, 5,000 euros were spent in Berria and 21,000 euros in Spanish newspapers. And in the communication of traffic fluctuations, 156,904 euros were invested: 544 in Bizkaia Irratia and about 12,000 euros in public media in Basque (ETB?, Gaztea and Euskadi Irratia). That is, 144,000 euros in Spanish communication.

As a reminder, last year Gómez-Obregon reviewed the Lights published on this website and published the following report and graph:

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