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The Catholic Church of Spain recognizes over 1,000 cases of pederastia

  • The Catholic Church of Spain recognizes 1,057 child sexual abuse in the Church. It denies the commission of abuse for years or neglects cases. Until recently, the Church has argued that there were few complaints in Spain or that there were no complaints. In any case, the amount recognised is very small. According to the Ararteko study, 440,000 of the victims of pederasti are in the Church.

08 March 2024 - 11:17
2019an, otsailaren 8an Done Petri plazan egindako elkarretaratzea. Argazkia: Ecuador Etxea.

Although the Spanish Catholic Church has accepted more than 1,000 cases, at the end of last year it showed lower figures. In December 2023, the Episcopal Conference of the Spanish State presented the official report “To Give Light”. On 26 February, according to the Public Journal, the report contains “inconsistencies with manipulation of data and denied truths”. This list did not contain, among others, the data provided by the Ombudsman of Spain by different churches and religious orders. For example, the data of the Marist congregation are not included in the report, and that congregation is the one that has the most complaints after the Jesuits. There is also no case of Bermeo, who occupied an important place in the media, that is, in the Menesian College of San José.

Only one in three of the sexual abuse reported by the victims has been accepted as “proven” and most as “unproven, but credible” by the Catholic hierarchy.

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The Spanish Public Prosecutor's Office wants to investigate church institutions and officials for cases of pederasty
There are currently 147 forensic studies in the Spanish State for sexual abuse inside the Church, 67% of which are cases after the year 2000. The Public Prosecutor's Office has stated in its annual report that "subsidiary civil liability" of ecclesiastical institutions should be... [+]

2023-09-04 | Goierriko Hitza
Itaia calls to fight "impunity of the Church"
The Socialist Organization of Women Itaia of Goierri met at noon on Saturday at Bideluze Square in Beasain, against his appointment as auxiliary priest of the church of Our Lady of Heaven, under the motto "Liberates the impunity of the Church".

In Beasain they will mobilize against the appointment of “Kakux” as a collaborating priest
Pedro Ayuso, bishop of San Sebastian, has named Juan Kruz Mendizabal auxiliary priest of the church of Beasain. Mendizabal is known for her child sexual abuse. Itaia del Goierri has called for a concentration against the denomination and “impunity of the church”.

Juan Kruz Mendizabal, sexual abuse of minors, is named assistant priest of the church of Beasain "Kakux"
Juan Kruz Mendizabal “Kakux” is appointed auxiliary priest of the church of Beasain by the bishop of San Sebastian Pedro Ayuso. Mendizabal was Vicar General of Gipuzkoa and in the summer camps he committed sexual abuse to several minors, using his confidence.

The Catholic Church of Spain recognizes the sexual abuse of 927 minors in its first report on pederastia
‘To give birth’ is the first document of the Catholic Church of Spain on pederastia. On Thursday, it has been published in Madrid where hundreds of minors have been sexually abused by members of the Church since the 1940s. The anti-pederastia associations have repeatedly... [+]

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