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A woman is severe in the ICU after being hit by the Ertzaintza in San Sebastian with a foam shell

  • The woman is admitted to the Donostia Hospital after being hit by the foam shell and causing a blood spill. Prior to the football match between Real Sociedad and Paris Saint Germain has been wounded in the charges of police officers. He reports that the Ertzaintza has opened the internal investigation.
Ertzaintzaren karga Reale Arena inguruan; zale ugari estadiora sartzear zirenean oldartu ziren agenteak. Argazkia: Linas Korta

07 March 2024 - 09:37
Last updated: 11:16

After hitting the Ertzaintza projectile foam in the back ear, a 44-year-old woman is admitted to the intensive care unit of Donostia Hospital. He was wounded in a charge of agents in San Sebastian, in the vicinity of the Reale Arena stadium, in police battles leading to the football match between the Real Sociedad and Paris Saint Germain.

The Department of Security of the Basque Government reports the opening of internal research and contacts women and their families to clarify what has happened. He also asks the court to study how he was injured. "Among the disturbances that emerged from radical Basque followers, the Ertzaintza received an impact on the head," says the Spanish-language note.

Both the woman and her relatives know that the foam was hit by a bullet. Her husband tells the newspaper Noticias de Gipuzkoa in detail. She explains that they went with her 9-year-old son and the whole family to watch the match and that the woman went off the road looking for internet connections to access the stadium with the club app.

The police are ready to carry on the Anoeta roundabout in San Sebastian, with many people in front of the stadium. Photo: Linas Korta

"They passed over him being on earth."

In the middle of the Errondo Walk, after finding the cover, he would go back to the stadium, "suddenly he heard a sound and saw a row of ertzainas appear. In the brain he was hit by a punch at a distance of 20-30 meters," explains his husband. He explained that he was shot in front of his head: "What makes me most angry is that they passed over when he was on the ground. And he tried to put him up, but he fell dizzy again."

"Suddenly he heard a sound and saw a row of ertzainas appear. He was beaten in the brain by a punch at a distance of 20-30 meters."

The woman first entered the stadium, but when she saw that there was discomfort, they first went to the Bidasoa hospital and then to the Donostia hospital. Doctors explain to the family that it has an important discharge of internal blood and the next few hours will be essential to see how their state of health evolves.

Her husband is angry with the operational police and the behaviour of the Ertzaintza in recent matches and says he will report as soon as possible.

For their part, the trade unions Erne, Esan and Sipe de la Ertzaintza have called for an investigation into the operational police which was launched on Tuesday in Donostia on the occasion of the football match. They denounce the shortage of agents and the lack of available material, say eight Ertzainas were injured.

The Paris Saint Germain fans were escorted by the Ertzainas from downtown San Sebastian to Anoeta. Photo: Linas Korta.



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