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The creation of 1,431 jobs will not increase the Osakidetza workforce, as reported by the ELA and ESK unions.

  • ELA and ESK say that the places announced by the Basque Government in Osakidetza will be to formalise the temporary posts.
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23 February 2024 - 10:33

ELA says there are 45,500 workers in Osakidetza, and that “many” of them are in jobs that are not considered structural. Others in structural but temporary jobs: “Over 22,000 workers are casual workers, most of whom are employed in jobs that have not been created.” In Osakidetza alone, 31,011 jobs are structural.

The Basque Government has announced the creation of 1,431 jobs, but the ELA trade union has denounced that these jobs will not increase or strengthen their workforce: “No new jobs will be created. Temporary staff jobs will be formalised.”

For this reason, ELA calls for the formalization of the structural positions and the consolidation of the eventualities that are not currently formalized.

The ESK syndicate also criticizes that the government is “selling smoke” because there will be no “real rises”: “They are replacing retired workers.” It therefore calls on the Basque Government to draw up a plan of RR.HH. “real” and “effective”, as well as a “rigorous” analysis of workload and psychosocial risks.

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