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EH Bildu stands out in Gipuzkoa with 11 seats

  • EH Bildu has had more support in Gipuzkoa and has won 2 more seats, won over 135,000 votes and increased by 5 points. The PNV loses one seat and stays at 9, with a low of 4 points. In San Sebastian, the PNV has won by few votes and in almost all municipalities has won the left. Abstention was 38%, 9 points lower than in 2020.
Argazkia: EH bildu

21 April 2024 - 22:41
Last updated: 23:49

After EH Bildu (136,301 votes) and PNV (107,523 votes), the PSE-EE (45,887 votes) was the third force of Gipuzkoa and won one more seat. The Socialists will have 4 parliamentarians from Gipuzkoa, as in the other two territories. The last seat was for the PP (21,722 votes). We can (7,384 votes) also beaten in Gipuzkoa and lost its 2 seats. Without seats and with 14,000 lost votes, Podemos Sumar lags behind. Summing has also not had sufficient support (10,479 votes) and will not have parliamentarians from Gipuzkoa. Vox receives 1,100 more votes (5,122) than the 2020 elections.

From the point of view of the municipalities, the hegemony of EH Bildu has been remarkable and the usual trend has been reinforced, covering almost all the municipalities and increasing in almost all cases the number of votes. The left coalition has been the first force in 82 municipalities. The PNV has been imposed in 7 municipalities, but also in them EH Bildu has had an increase in votes and has cut the margin to the PNV, which has remained, lowered, or had a small rise. The PNV has won in Elgoibar, Hondarribia, Irún, Albiztur, Beasain and Olaberria, but EH Bildu has advanced in other municipalities and for example changed color for the first time, Eibar, Zumarraga and Urretxu. Azkoitia, Zarautz and Aia have also been imposed by the independence left.

In San Sebastian it was the Jeltzales that obtained the most votes (28,184 votes), but the independence left was very close, with only 821 votes in favour. Undoubtedly, in the capital too EH Bildu has been strengthened by citizenship (27,363 votes) and won over 8,000 votes. On the contrary, the PNV has lost more than 1,000 votes. The PSE-EE has also grown in Donostia (14,725 votes) and received 2,200 more votes.

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