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Defense will return to the Roncal Valley the net floor of the Belagua barracks

  • On 20 January the Supreme Court again decided that the Spanish Ministry of Defence would return to the General Board of the Roncal Valley the land occupied by the port of Belagua, clean and in good condition.

10 February 2023 - 13:23
Last updated: 16:47
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The Roncal Valley ceded its lands to the Spanish Army in 1980, until 2005. When the date came, the army left the barracks and wanted to return the lands to the valley. However, the General Board did not accept it, as it left the land completely clean to the army, which intended to return the building of the barracks in poor condition and due to its activity, contaminating the environment.

Subsequently, because of discrepancies in the return of land, both sides have acted in court. A 2013 ruling forced the Ministry of Defence to return the land as it was received in 1980, but the army has not so far complied with the ruling. The final judgment is last January and gives the same order to the Ministry of Defence. This should demolish the military building to clean up the contaminated areas and return the clean soil to the Roncal Valley General Committee.

Faced with the background and bad attitude of the Spanish Navy so far, EH Bildu Deputy, Bel Pozueta, asked this week the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, “what timetable the ministry will follow to return the shelter in adequate conditions” and about the work the soil will do “without pollution or waste of oil tanks or graves”.



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