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The Pau Administrative Tribunal requests that the contamination of soils destined for the Arbona school be studied.

  • For 40 years, the public school is being built in a landfill area. Considering the risks of pollution, opposition team Hats Berri Bat Arbonari is fighting for change of place. The town house wants to finish the works for the course that will begin in September 2024.

01 February 2024 - 10:55
Last updated: 17:44

Given the seriousness of the situation, opposition team Hats Berri Bat Arbonari went to the Administrative Tribunal in Pau last February and have just heard the ruling: an expert in justice will investigate the contamination of these soils.

The Mari-José Mialocq lawsuit continues saying that "there is no problem" and that they have all the security measures in place. That of the public school with the project committed in the election campaign. His statements can be read in Berria: "We've done more than we had to do, we've done mandatory research and we've been reassured. We find it incredible that the studies already carried out should be re-done. What time to lose, what money to lose, but who pays? ".

In fact, the opposition group does not oppose the construction of the school: "We are not opposed to building a new school, but we believe it should be built elsewhere. (…) An expenditure of EUR 1 million has already been implemented. If measures to eliminate pollution are necessary, everything should be restarted. People's money is being spent."

In February last year, the village house commissioned a study from the research office APAVE, which detected the presence of several products, but concluded that it was compatible with the school's construction project. The Hats Berri Bat Arbonari group accused the investigation office of not taking into account the gravity of the situation. The regional health agency ARS also regretted the undertaking of a "superficial examination". They therefore took the decision to refer the matter to the Administrative Tribunal.

The works are scheduled for the new course in September 2024.


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