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A journalist from 'Cubainformación' and the Euskadi-Cuba association are acquitted

  • Last week, journalist José Manzaneda and the legal representation of Euskadi-Cuba were tried in Madrid in an article: In the letter there was talk of the US blockade. The particular charge required a six-year prison sentence and an economic sanction of some 70,000 euros: Prisoners Defensers.
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22 February 2024 - 08:30
Argazkia: Mundo Obrero

The Criminal Court No. 31 of Madrid has acquitted the NGO Euskadi-Cuba and José Manzaneda, journalist and coordinator of the Cubainformación media. Last Thursday, a trial was held of the legal representation of Euskadi-Cuba and Manzaneda for "slander and insults" and "promotion of hatred".

These accusations were made by the anti-Castro Prisoners Defensers association, in an article published by Cubainform in 2020. Manzaneda spoke about the economic blockade of the United States of America against Cuba: Cuba, osasun-krisitik sortu: its kooperazioa medico-borroka helburua.

The private prosecution made high demands for sanctions against Manzaneda and the legal representation of Euskadi-Cuba: seven years in prison and compensation and fines of some 70,000 euros. However, the judge has not pleaded guilty and has not accepted such criminal claims.

Reference is made to the President of Prisoners Defensers, Javier Larrondo, in the article noted. But the Tribunal says that in that writing, by calling Larrondo "war criminal," Manzaneda doesn't say "literally": the judge believes that it can be understood metaphorically. That is why he advocates acquittal.

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