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Presentation of free ERP for Odoo at the Euskarabildua Conference

  • Beñat Irasuegi, member of the Cooperativa Talaios, will present the free Odoo tool at the Euskarabildua Conference on Thursday at the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastián.

25 October 2023 - 08:14

Currently, any organization needs an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or Enterprise Resource Planning software to manage its activity. This type of software offers management functions in the area of any organization: production, finance, human resources...

But the best-known ERP solutions in the market are the owners, the software is from the supplier and the autonomy offered to the client is limited. Odoo, born ten years ago as an alternative to this reality, is a tool that is gaining great weight today. It can also be installed on its own, and being free offers customization options.

At the Euskarabildua conference, Beñat Irasuegi, member of the Talaios Cooperative, will present the Odoo tool.


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