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The table is ready, the time has come to eat

22 February 2024 - 14:34

It is so common to accept certain truths, whether real or presumed, because authority or trust is recognized to those who communicate them, and only for that reason can we say that it is a “secular, reliable act.”

That's why it's so surprising that so many people understand reality, not how they see or perceive it, but how others tell it. The act of faith, now, is not to believe what we don't see, but to believe that what we're seeing is like what they tell us.

This reflection may result, of course, but what I want to stress is that this “secular act of faith” has its origin in personal mistrust, lack of criteria, personal weakness and lack of maturity. Always accepting the presumed external authority. And that's dangerous. Very comfortable, yes, but dangerous.

Another important derivation, not personal but also social, that has been taking place in recent decades; a clear divorce between the Abertzale right message and praxis, in the south of Euskal Herria.

It is harmful and dangerous, because it leaves aside the capacity of each and we accept and assume as authentic what enters us through the door of falsehood that we leave open.

The Abertzale society has seen that the time has come to take decisions and carry them out. Good, serious and irrevocable decisions. Decisions enabling access to the desired place

Something similar happens when Mr Eneko Andueza says that he knows nothing about the corruption that has prevailed in his party. It's weaving strategies away from intelligence and instinct. It only wants to fulfil an awareness faithful to the categorical imperative of power. Voting is a necessary condition in democracy, but not sufficient to ensure the moral quality of the system.

A constitutional democracy must be based on the plurality of parties, on free and competitive elections, on the separation of powers, on popular sovereignty. That is, in the guarantee of fundamental rights and public freedoms.

In the system currently in existence in the Spanish state, the history of the last 40 years shows that the election of governments is not projected from the mass plebiscite, but from the supposed impartiality of the judges. That is not what Mr Iraeta says.

The parliaments, the central parliaments of the system, are just appearances, substitutes, echoes of insatiable power.

The division of powers, in political practice, is completely blurred, far from reality. As for the guarantee of rights and freedoms, in a place such as the Spanish State, where independent judges are scarce, it is impossible that the justice that is done is correct.

That is why, under these conditions, holding elections is a mockery of democracy. It only serves to satisfy, legitimize and protect the imperative of power and its partners.

From my point of view, from Navarre, it is clear that in this political conflict there is hardly anything to look like. For the government of Pedro Sánchez, the “old” tactic remains valid. There is therefore no Basque conflict, the only one that exists is that both sides, their collaborators want to ignore what most Basques say are not Spaniards and want to be what they are, the Basques.

In a system that is considered democratic it is unacceptable, shameful, cynical and even theatrical, to suggest at these levels of knowledge and knowledge that the Gordian knot of coexistence between the two neighbouring countries is in an urgent ethical need (heirs of ETA). They want to conceal the shortcomings of the regime they impose from Madrid.

I have to acknowledge that I find it regrettable to defend a project that imposes a specific nationalism (Spanish) from prestigious stands, behaviors that are considered wise, and to describe the right to self-determination as exclusive, without any embarrassment.

I would like to recall that over and over again turning to selective memory poses an obvious risk of “brain atrophy” by intentionally rejecting a part of the brain. There are intellectuals who accept this risk because I think they consider it profitable. It is obviously a matter of principle.

A book of two thousand and five hundred years, The Art of War, one of the most important classic Chinese texts, although it has been so long, has a lot of strength and is still useful. What's more, if we transfer your fighting strategies to the world of politics, which is actually the current battlefield.

Because Sun Tzu's work is not just a book of military practice, but a treaty that shows the strategy of wisely applying human knowledge in times of confrontation. It is therefore a work to understand the roots of the conflict and seek a solution.

Surely Mr. Pedro Sánchez does not have the necessary training to assume a historical responsibility like the present one, or they do not leave him “who” they maintain in La Moncloa. No matter. The fact is that Abertzale society has seen that the time has come to take decisions and carry them out. Good, serious and irrevocable decisions. Decisions that allow access to the desired place.

The table is ready, the time has come to eat.

Josu Iraeta, writer

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