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Not to this education law!

  • Not now, not before!

91% of the Basque Parliament supported the Educational Concert held on April 7, 2022. It was a broad consensus that few expected, since in principle they were agents without a political project cercano.Este consensus was fundamentally based on consensus, and not much force was made to paralyze or to elaborate a proposal that sought to equate public and private ownership. But at the same time, this consensus with fuzzy content opened the door to the law from time to time; from then on, this law must be understood in the logic of the great political pacts.

As long as I imagined that it was possible to make politics with serious words, some worrying decisions have been taken. These decisions, far from improving our education system, have worsened: these decisions are intended to perpetuate the current dual system. Some of the agreements adopted by decree, especially those relating to enrolment and admission, have not brought any benefit to school planning, although this is the main axis of the distribution of students between public and private education. Consequently, the educational provision of the public school is not prioritized and, for example, in Andoain it does not reach 15%. We must not forget that in the legal report of the law we can read that the non-prioritization of public education provision violates LOMLOE, as LOMLOE retains the mandate to expand public supply.

In this process, which has represented a broad consensus, it cannot be denied that we have often been called upon to make our contributions, but we also do not forget that these contributions have not been taken into account. Our concerns have also been managed swiftly, and we have been assured whether or not, for example, quotas would be banned in the politico-concerted centres, that would be the only registration window, or that the linguistic project of the centre, regardless of what the project is, could guarantee the students the Basque level B2.

The Education Act does not allow Euskaldunizar the same system and we are not satisfied with those who believe that Euskera should be the axis of the educational system

In the vote on the provisional text, it is reported that the private centres that will receive public money will not have real control mechanisms. This news has not surprised us, of course, because we have announced that on 11 occasions it is not feasible to ensure gratuity and secularism, for example in the case of centres where it is necessary to respect their identity, because it is their own existence, differentiation or evangelization, respectivamente.Pero this is not said by us alone, if the decree approving the regulation on educational concerts (293/87) is that it has been possible to say for more than 40 years. It can therefore be concluded that universal consultation will be maintained and that it also has a legal guarantee to secure the future at a time when the birth rate is declining.

With all this, we could now ask ourselves what contribution this law, without consensus, makes to the education system, if this law has ever sought to manage the problems the education system suffers. It is clear to us that it will not settle segregation and that our whole society will have to continue to suffer segregation, which is to continue to experience growing concern in the people and in the park, in the family and in friends. That's why we don't think that this law lasts 30 years, because it increases social inequality and makes it easy for us to be clear and racist. All this also eliminates social cohesion, which is directly related to the use of Euskera not promoted by law. The reason for not being a social consensus is, moreover, that. We have seen this in mass demonstrations in favour of public education in recent months, despite the fact that some people have been spawning. At present, our only hope is that the educational law will not become an element of exchange and that it will not be repeatedly changed in the light of the political intentions of each moment, which is a significant instability.

The last question should be put to those who have participated in this process, if all this has been worthwhile, because the result of this document is below the references of LOMLOE in relation to public school, and we assume that this does not satisfy those who pushed for state law. However, it does not facilitate the Euskaldunization of the system itself and we are not satisfied by those who believe that the Basque country should be the axis of the educational system. If the PNV’s first proposal were the one we now have on the table from the very beginning, it is impossible or perhaps yes, and that is why we are today.

Nagore Iturrioz Lopez and Yolanda Porres García, members of the Steilas trade union.

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