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Go to the street in Barakaldo against the World Bank

  • On the occasion of the World Bank summit in BEC, many events and demonstrations have been organised. On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of people have taken to the streets in Barakaldo to the World Bank. Calling the platform. On Wednesday at 19:30 a.m. you will depart from Plaza Elíptica in Bilbao one of the main mobilizations.

24 May 2023 - 11:16
Last updated: 15:04

The World Bank has organised a three-day meeting at BEC in Barakaldo, under the title Innovate 4 Climate, to discuss, among other issues, carbon trading. The Charter of Social Rights of the Basque Country, the Basque Country initiative Herria Planto a Capital and the Ecosocial Jump, protested at the opening ceremony of the meeting that began on Tuesday. With a sitting, they have for a while blocked the entrance and exit of the parking lot of the fair.

The members of the latter group have deployed a giant banner in the Bilbaíno district of Betolatza, “Change the system, not the climate!”. what it says.

The Ecosocial Jump has hung a giant banner in the bilbaíno district of Betolatza, also visible from the highway. Photo: Ecosocial Jump.

Hundreds of people in Barakaldo

On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of people went to the streets to the World Bank. Calling the platform. This platform, which brings together many social actors, environmental groups and associations, has held a demonstration in the streets of Barakaldo under the motto Struggle for Capitalism and the Destruction of the Environment.

"You are responsible for the destruction of the environment and the misery of workers around the world," they explain at the end of the demonstration. They denounce, among other things, that "financial oligarchies" are used by institutions such as the World Bank for their interest.

No to the World Bank! the platform denounces the "suffocating presence of the police" during the demonstration. He explains that six people have already been identified and that the police have placed obstacles in their way in mobilizing the whole population.

More events and mobilizations

A new demonstration will be held in Bilbao on Wednesday afternoon at the World Bank meeting

A new demonstration will be held in Bilbao on Wednesday afternoon at the World Bank meeting. Our Business, our collapse, will be one of the main mobilizations organized by the Charter of Social Rights of the Basque Country, Plant Capital and Ecosocial Jump. It will depart from Plaza Elíptica de Bilbao at 19:30.

In addition, these groups and institutions have also organized a talk on May 25, in which the feminist anthropologist Yayo Herrero will speak at 19:00 in Bilborock.

Finally, on Wednesday at 17:00, at the Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao, Manu Robles Arangiz of ELA will offer a conference by one of the main members and experts of the CADTM against the abolition of undue debt Eric Toussaint, who will present his book on the critical history of the World Bank.

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