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Anger, attitude and songs

Sexpeares taldea / Sexpeares kasetea / El Dromedario Records.
Sexpeares taldea / Sexpeares kasetea / El Dromedario Records.

I placed the group in the
queer movement of Madrid, and recently I had the opportunity to know it in its essence, the direct one. Then I learned that the group was created by Bethlehem (voice and guitar), born in Argentina and moved from young to Madrid, and that he joined

María (drums and choirs) to give continuity and solidity to the group, occupied Barakaldo. Created in 2009, they both form the group, but for concerts they have several people to play the bass. The group has a wide palette of style and registration, but always with strength and anger. Your words written from your bowels have the ability to connect with different age ranges. The group, supposedly modest, has a fruitful trajectory: numerous concerts on the back, have also written soundtracks of films, and this, with the same name as the group, is the fifth long work, published in this case in the booth. I was directly surprised by the anger and attitude of the group, the enormous capacity for change of record that Bethlehem

to scream and whisper, the strength of Mary and the almost indifferent singing. conversion facilities. Give them fire is the first voice of the group, which with the phrase “… and snows their ashes” burns with a tribal, hardcore-punk dark rhythm and a severely penetrating melody. The city is a radical change: penetrating, hangover, gloomy and very sticky. vacuum. I'm a cake, a fast and passionate example of punk pop so common in your basket. Spiral is a piece that combines different tones, dark guitars and intense rhythm. And emergency punk final chapter with a very melodic voice. In part

B of the cassette we have been engaged in an assimilation exercise of songs of musicians of very varied coordinates: Bad Gyal melodic rock fever; I wish (you died) melodic punk of Putochinomaricon; My pop marisco dolls of Nosothräsh; and The rhythm of urban rock of Luna Urbana Moré.

Photo: Courtesy of the Sexpeares group.


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