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Self-realization subject

Transgresioa irakasgai / bell hooks (itzulpena: Amaia Apalauza Ollo) / Katakrak, 2023
Transgresioa irakasgai / bell hooks (itzulpena: Amaia Apalauza Ollo) / Katakrak, 2023

"Diversity" in teaching is a well-known concept, and teachers (you won't be surprised to know that in the Bestiak library there are also teachers) try to make heterogeneous groups of students to ensure diversity. But do we have tools to not perpetuate the oppression between different? In the book of the subject Transgression published by Katakrak in 2023, Amaia Apalauza Ollo brought the Basque, bell hooks reflects on these and other questions, alternating essays and interviews. In Hooks' childhood, when education in the United States was segregated, all of her teachers were black. Although they did not name it that way, they developed a revolutionary anti-colonialist pedagogy and, in that context, going to school was a pleasure for the hooks. With racial integration, however, the school ceased to

be a space of struggle in white schools and became a place of consolidation of racist prejudices and of learning obedience. Education gave up being counter-hegemonic. What the book suggests is to flee from the superficial progressive gesture and build instead a profound critical thinking, fundamental to the construction of a liberating education.

On many occasions, the goal is to create a nice image of diversity, but it is not easy to find a liberating pedagogy for resistance. For this, according to Hooks, teachers should practise

a committed pedagogy. This implies “praxis”, that is, that practice and reflection are performed simultaneously both inside and outside of class. Unfortunately, however, at that time and the self-realization of teachers is not yet required. The educational system hinders the self-realization of teachers. We recommend this book to anyone or collective who is dedicated to social transformation. We, at least the members of the Bestiak library, have
been given comments, assemblies and keys to developing relationships. We encourage you to know the fascinating critical thinking.

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