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Of course: listen to Pelax

23 February 2024

Pelax doesn't
Valen, 2024


If there is not enough time to read this text, I will summarize it: listen to Pelax. Now you have no excuses, they've uploaded all of their discography to Spotify for the first time, even though they were already in Bandcamp. The Pelax, apparently, are willing to hit once they stop being the rare avis of the scene and pay a small commercial toll.

In 2019 there was the last blow, with a feat that no one has ever repeated so far: a double album of four songs, ABDE. It was the peak of progressive Basque rock, even in nearby lands, without comparison.

Without saying so, they go back to the Didactica style songs. After the turbulent and hard year of his teammates, they pressed the throttle and prepared the hit record in a few months and recorded it in two days. Record it in analogue and without digital editing.

Guitar and drums mix complex rhythms with simple melodies and raw letters. The last name of this album, of course, is an attitude. In the words of Unai Pelayo, he has followed his enigmatic, sarcastic and rigorous rhetoric. We cannot forget the suspicion that all criticisms can be about themselves: “Isn’t your load too light? You have all the role of imposter."

The columns of the disc are placed in the dark word that will recite the Iker Vázquez battery: “Good morning, new modern creature. Even if you can get up, it's been the time you don't feel awake. I see you trying to hide behind the TV, in the heat of tuning. An induced fabulation, a blablabla, and the truth take steps to go to work.”

The game of Descartes does not have to be accepted and I am surprised by the discourse of hundreds of influencers, gymbros, ultraliberals and anarchiapitalists who speak of Matrix. It is a neoliberal dream to get out of the nightmare. But they forget: leaving a few. Because competition is the basis of capitalism.

Without competition, from the horizontal, the peláxis are an example in San Sebastian and in the Basque. If you have given you time to read the text, another recommendation: see Pelax. It's one of the best live groups in Euskal Herria when you're reading these lines.

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