Hysterical materialism
Uxue Apaolaza Larrea 2024ko otsailaren 07a

Where do you store those you haven't managed to manage? Is there a pill to mitigate the effects? Orfidals, for example? If not? You should hide the blue hair, the hair in general (faces, legs, armpits, potitos, breasts, under navel...), wrinkles, bad mood, dark circles. Everything that provokes aging and fatigue, show everything that is punished, therefore (think if you are crazy, if you are poor... how much you will have to hide). Can you outsource the hits? Do you have something like Dorian Gray's mirror?

And in society, what do we store? What do we not like to see? What less? Landfill always. Incinerators. The smell, the pollution -- we get silenced and attenuated like the fumes from factories. Garbage and smoke. And we're also putting hospitals outside; as primary care is disappearing, without need, we're going to the hospital with sputum. Where are the ICDs? Where are the children who come without parents? Do you see them? How do we treat them? Do they eat well? We also want prisons to be further and further away, because if we see them, involuntarily, from time to time, if we do not remember that there are people there. People like us. People who don't want to know what they do. Not people who don't care, who scares us, who are ourselves. What will we do next? Where don't we know what happens? What scares us? Old age? They are rather hidden inwards, the homes of the elderly, in some places that in the pandemic decided to kill some, and nothing has happened: once we have to go abroad too, I think in Gipuzkoa, to Zubieta.

However, one day Dorian Gray saw himself, even the others, when everything was outsourced. When he totally outsourced life. When he died, completely.