National construction
Leire Narbaiza Arizmendi @txargain 2023ko abenduaren 20a

The new Education Act, which had to be born of consensus, was adopted in anger and disagreement. The lack of agreement is due to the public-private question and linguistic models. A lot of pity.

In this we follow the Spanish model, because in the CAPV we are not able to lay common ground and move forward. Education is our future and I believe that broad and solid supports are essential.

Defeat, intrigue and betrayal have prevailed over the general interest of society. There are also electoral interests. The disgusting misery of always.

Amid this whirlwind, and for almost all the year 2023, Andueza has insisted that the new law was not going to be the national construction. From January to December uninterruptedly.

But it will be a national construction route. Because Andueza is dedicated to the national construction, the national construction of Spain. They're building their national project, a very obsolete project.

Instead of giving priority to the citizens of the future to the competent bilingual, steal wealth from that closed vision of the state.

I am clear: the Basque Country hurts them.