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“Humor is like drinking water: we have to drink it every day, although at some point”

  • The life of Kaitin Allende (1972, Arrasate) has given the monologue and life to monologues. He has recently presented his work Hyperactive Aging. He wanted to dismantle myths and stage uncomplicated taboos: “We’re not going to laugh well, if we don’t learn to laugh for everyone,” he says. He's a radio announcer, journalist. However, it has the antenna turned on in all areas of life. Listen carefully to any signal that comes to you.
"Zahartzaroan denetik dago. Jubilazioa ez da inoiz amestu bezalakoa, ez duzu denborarik nahi duzun guztia egiteko: alarma jarri behar duzu bilobak eskolara eramateko. Erretiratuak deitzen diegu, gainera. Erretiratu, balio ez duten gauzak egiten dira". Argazkia: Pello Maudo Herrero.
Barrea euskaraz, (hel) muga

“Lehen Barre Librea saioa zegoen euskarazko bakarrizketalariekin telebistan. Euskarak oso toki gutxi dauka gaur egun telebistan, sukaldaritzak bai. Barre egiteko gazteleraz sekulako inbertsioak egiten dira, euskaraz ez. Ni ez naiz honetatik bizi, baina nola bizi daiteke? Emakumezko umoregile edo sortzailea bada, martxoan eta azaroan egingo du lan, bizitzeko lain ateratzeko. Oso profesional onak eta prestakuntzadunak daude, baina plazarik eta aitortzarik ez dute. Barre Librea oso programa ona zen, oso zaila da barre eragitea, gainera. Gerraz, pornoaz, gizarte arazoez hitz egin beharra dago, baina dena ezin da hori izan. Kulturari eskaintzen zaiona albistegietan ere oso azalekoa eta motza da”.

In your last monologue you have approached old age from humor. Is it never late for rebellion?
First you have to reach old age. Grandparents and grandmothers are already all, they care about five. I am also on my way, the climacteric also helps.

Have the climacteric tickles and hot flashes encouraged you to create the latest show?
So far, monologues have told my life. I have not reached old age, but I wanted to make our aitites and grandmothers laugh. They called me from the Arrasate Senior Council because they wanted a monologue to be made for them. We had a great time. My third monologue has been: Artist and journalist 1.0. In the second, Sparks of Parents, I addressed parenthood. In the Kilimaterio show, I talk to the bertsolaris. From the climax we talk about the range for climatology and it is very successful because we talk about taboos. How is our hormone salsa managed? Think about it, a midwife once told us that she uses our tickets at menopause conferences. As andropause is not mentioned, it does not exist, but menopause does. After Kilimaterio, many people have come to thank you.

When and why did he start doing monologues?
I started in 2019, animated by my friends. The crew told me I had to do monologues, and I said, “Why don’t you go to Gorbeia?” I have a lot of insecurities, but I encouraged myself to study. I didn't think much, so I started. As you go onstage, you get naked, but now I'm at ease with monologues.

His last monologue has called hyperactive aging. Behind your monologues are several stages of life, and the lives of many people.
Yes. That's the vida.En current tour, for example, I use my mother's wheelchair. Kilimaterio has been a very important empowerment phase for me. Nobody has told us what happens when we lose the rule. In sexual education and in the care system we have to dismantle mitos.En

old age there is everything. I've been told a lot to complete the work, and you see everything. Retirement is never like you dreamed, you don't have time to do everything you want: you have to set the alarm to take your grandchildren to school. In addition, we call them jubilados.Se they retire, they do useless things.

Photo: Pello Maudo Herrero.

As a child, we laughed a lot. Is it harder as it gets imposed?
There are many complexes in old age. You have to laugh healthy and well.

Why have you chosen humor to work taboos?
The gene of humor has left me my mother, so I use it. Now my mother can't talk, but she's still very humorized. For me, humor is like drinking water: you have to drink it every day, even in a small moment, it's very therapeutic. Over time, I've realized that it's hard to laugh, but happiness can be noticed when people sit back.

Laughing at yourself enters this equation:
We don't laugh well if we don't learn to laugh at what mismo.Es comedy, tragedy longer. What lived in a time like tragedy, spending a while or taking distance, may be able to laugh.

Despite emotions, there are dry people.
You have to take emotions out, what harm is going to make you cry? For me, emotions are amazing, because at the moment it's not easy to manage.

Laughter is liberating. Also humor?
Yes, very. In senior residences ask to tell stories, we need to spend some time. Jokes are sent from Whatsapp. We have news like Teleberri and Gaur. We need doses of humor. In addition, we always laugh at the damage of otro.Se can say a lot about humor.

He wanted to undo the myths.
Yes, especially surveillance. When do the aitites and amamas go to take their massages? When they can't bring more kidney pain. We've been sold an active aging, but they're hyperactive by taking care of their grandchildren. They cannot organize their agenda and are not always on holiday. Those who have managed to arrive with dignity and health deserve the medal to enjoy life and we give them the medal ‘Beti on’. To care for others, we must take care of ourselves first at any age.

He has also worked soledad.Hay
a big problem with loneliness. In old age, the crews of friends are very closed, it's very difficult, and you don't talk about that. It's also in our hands to make life more comfortable. I premiered the play in Arrasate and everyone congratulated me. They burst out of laughter.

Looking forward, do you have another project in mind?
Buy a new car, get a place...

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