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How to say Rodrigo Cuevas in Euskera

29 October 2023

This stone town
Forbbide Colours, 2023


How do Rodrigo Cuevas say in Basque? No one doubts that it was necessary and the voice that looks at our roots with a contemporary look has come to the end. From the hand of the Brazilian Rodrigo Amarante and the flamenco singer Enrique Morente, let us not say.

The wave called folktronika has given great flowers around the world and in this decade in the countries of the Spanish State: Baiuca and crnds in Galicia, Llevolu’l Sumiciu and Rodrigo Cuevas in Asturias, Maria Arnal i Marcel Bages in Catalonia, Caliphate 3/4 in Andalusia and Rocío Marquez & Bronco... With a different look, Rosalias and C. They have also drunk tanganas and recently Ralphie Choo.

In our case, I would say that the approaches have not yet reached the most interesting fusion. From the vanguard and tradition we find Buzos and Nido, from the mainstream pop to Zeta and Neoma. The first two have taken the most interesting of tradition and tried to take it to the extreme without reaching contemporary sounds. The latter two take the skin without squeezing the flesh too much. The Mafia Chill touches on the issue without reinterpreting it. The exception has been given by Verde Prato, Haira and Mairük.

We needed a Hegelian synthesis, and here we have Iban Urizar, who assumes the air of tradition, who is able to speak that language and offer new refractories. Urizar has put the song in the fog of the sea, without virtuosity or epic, because with gray tones he has made a very interesting palette in eight pieces of work.
But these models are not a style, the look is the key. The key is to understand the question of the infinite source. That the oldest source is also the latest news. Tradition is not a picture, you don't have to keep it. You have to reinvent it by adding it yourself.

Trying to understand this stone village is a gift. I listened to 27 footings who felt a pity of Basque monolingualism, because they could not understand it, for example, of Amets Arzallus. I feel the same with Amorante. That is a treasure for the Basques, and that only the one who opens his ears has the unrepeatable possibility of enjoying.

I have been with me for years a phrase from Amorante in the prehistocene Dokan: “To whom he has enjoyed it, for the merit is his.” Because the artist can make his singing, but creating from within corresponds to the listener. Artist is just an artist who knows this secret.

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