Hysterical materialism
Uxue Apaolaza Larrea 2023ko urriaren 11

It can fail in what we do constantly all our lives. We can end life without developing minimal capacity in what we have formed and formed. It will not be entirely our fault, if even the most virtual does not manage to be skilled in all aspects of life. I refer to communication. Understand us. How do we live with words so important that we each understand in our own way? What is freedom, friend, couple, sympathetic, I love you, constitutionalist, Basque Country.

Sometimes the patient shouts very obscure what we want to hide in the word. The gaze denounces; or a tone of concern is sliding, a tear, a chilly; we can't stop saying bandits, or we can't say anything; we speak, or we scream; we laugh and only hear crying if we know those in front of us. So, we also communicate through repetitions, what you've had next to you can figure out how to decipher everyone I love you.

Sometimes it's not so much about hiding. In politics we have heard many times to hide the real problems by talking about a single self-criticism “communication problems”, “we have not been able to explain well”. When we say communicators, we don't think about politicians, but that's almost everything. Now they are also communicating, looking for companions, counting votes, convincing us. Because sometimes, even in life, they tell you, and they mean at this stage of life, it suits me.

It is dangerous to use a few words without knowing their equivalent. Because sometimes you say I love you, and you understand it. Because sometimes they say I love you and they didn't mean you. Because sometimes they say I love you, and they mean dumb, you're OK there, yeah, under the bed, waiting. Because sometimes they say I love you and they don't know what they're saying.

Fortunately, we sometimes speak to you and understand something that has to do with the truth.