Against boredom, Belako
Xalba Ramirez @xalbaram 2023ko urriaren 06a

Continue Regando
Belako 2023


The candle is never stopped. Although they are silent, they are always working on new creative paths. After Plastic Drama, we enthusiastically received the new Regando work. I don't know how this group does, but it always does something new and something different, but it always has the same direction.

How should a group develop its course? In these lines we talked a long time ago about the concept of think in a box. Once a framework is defined, continue in the continuous search without leaving it. The framework is not necessarily a style. A field of play. And this path is being explored at the bottom of Bela.

In Render me now, trivial violence (2018) developed the most experimental aspect, while in Plastic Drama the hits were very present. Everything was more singing. In any case, it's in the DNA of mungiarras, who, despite searching for borders, are dancers and singers, and so they've always had a broad audience in their favor.

Although people like it more or less, a group rarely gets a consensus of size. The criticism, if any, and the public, also eye, festive. For having achieved the Belako boom.

This new work seems to be a mixture of the previous two. Mixture of bruising fragments and adhesive melodies. Once you get in, yeah. Although in the first hearing it seems a little bit forever, with songs that have a record echo, he realizes that, once again, the Belaco have made a special album.

I find it calmer, more oneiric, more intimate. But they haven't been lost and they turn on sticky, singing melodies. And what is the secret, after so many years, to stumble between the rarity and the maintstream?

I find the answer in a song singing in Spanish: “Eta ikusi if I have to see / how people see me / I’m afraid I don’t like but I’d rather not get bored” (If I have to see / how people see me / I’m afraid I don’t want / but I’d rather not get bored). Belako is a collective organized against boredom. They do well first and then we.