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Chihuahus, caniches and class wrestling

15 September 2023

Ben Yart
Very nice, 2023


Chill Mafia was an explosion. A lot of ink was spent in the press to understand the phenomenon, or to add a grain of its own to the show, believing that they were soft clicks. What seemed like an explosion has calmed down, and now we're still in the usual moulds, waiting for music from groups.

However, the young people of Rochapea and Mendilorri changed everything, although they will not be paid attention. Most importantly, young Basques had a connection with the time, because in the end someone sang from generation to generation in code that adults did not understand.

In that whirlwind, Ben Yart was behind the Chill Mafia or on one side. In these lines we talked about him and how he sampled in Maddi Oihenart. Since then he has been collaborating here, for example, publishing the Barriobajero hit along with the main symbols of the Spanish rag. In 2021 he pulled out his own mixtape:Pitxu at home.

He has now published his first long work: Zeros. A few months ago, he offered the direct call Gallery session under the same name, and because of the impact it had, he had to collect the songs he had recorded and publish them as a record. Because that YouTube video had thousands of views and reactions.

What makes this song special? You just have to see it. It tells a little-understood story about a chihuahu and a cancel. In each hearing you understand something new and when you manage to decipher the letter you realize that behind there is no empty aspect: chihuahua and caniches are metaphors that symbolize the working class and the bourgeoisie. This song is a study of the class society and almost the entire album.

We are not going to put ourselves in the style of Mark Fisher, hence drawing sophisticated political and theoretical conclusions. The album speaks a lot of poverty, money, economic problems, and all this is linked to the experience of being young in a neighborhood, to drugs and to the structural problems of capitalism. The analysis is not interesting here, but from where it does it.

Ben Yarte's lyrical is poetry: a poetry you haven't heard before, I would say. I haven't met any artist with that ability to change subject from one stanza to another. I listened to him in an interview, asking him what his referents are, that he had in mind not only musicians, but also street people: the screams a street makes to sell his product. There he finds inspiration.

In today's music, it's common to attach importance to chorus. In the case of Ben Yarte it is the other way around. Less and less fuss, better: it has more to say and in columns. My favorites: One, Zero on the right and Happy. Crazy: Payday. Let us give an opportunity to new ways of saying. For the Basque country to learn too.

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