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Food 4 Futur Dystopian Solution

"Until recently the peasants threw their wells, but they can't. In some areas there are 300 milligrams of nitrates per litre, with a maximum authorised of 50". This is the phrase read by Berria in the report on water management, which speaks of Caparroso, a town in the south of Navarra. The company Valle de odieta has a macrofarm of 8,000 cattle, presented on the owner’s website as “biofarm, sustainable project”. An agricultural model that, besides polluting water, consumes a lot of water. 80% of the water consumption goes to the crop. The nuance is that it goes to industrial cultivation. Because popular cultivation is environmentally friendly, ordering it according to its limitations and possibilities.

When I read the report of Berria, the situation of the peasants in the area comes to mind. Those who, by their ingenuity and speculative logic, are trying to cope with rising production costs. There are many difficulties in our homes. The large number of farmers in the area are in difficulty until sleep and morality. However, they are not users of large water, reservoirs or irrigation systems, nor of major water and land pollutants.

From there I went to the Food 4 Futur exhibition, which has just been held at BEC. Escape the food industry without growers. Gasna made from melon to vegan seeds, chops created by the 3D printer, gluten free wheat produced by artificial intelligence and robot capable of detecting and collecting rectified fruits. The promoters of the biotechnological model are the same promoters of the agroindustry: transforming cultivation into agro-industry, now they try to transform it into food industry. They say that the future is in the production of food without cultivators, without life and without land. I was surprised at the follow-up carried out by the Basque media. I was concerned that the words of the organizers were disseminated as such, without any critical sense. Food 4 Futur is a solution to combat hunger and population growth. One: it's false. Two: What do we find with a technology that is essential for mineral and metal, if it destroys everything else in the world? Three: this model would mean the emptying and death of rural areas. In the follow-up of Food 4 Futur, the journalist will need the legs on the ground to avoid presenting dystopia as a solution.

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