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Our bouquet of flowers!

'Tatxers' | Tatxers | Autoekoizpena, 2023
'Tatxers' | Tatxers | Autoekoizpena, 2023

Tatxers is the symbol of a generational change that led to the renewal of the postpandemic scene. In a short time he got the love of the public and, surprisingly, without controversy, with a strong consensus. Oh! Its virtue is to be a equilibrium at that stage where music and pop come together. Attitudes and melodies, to summarize in some way.

This is your first long job, and you notice that you want to take the leap. Songs change course, rehearsing new chord sequences and enriching rhythms. Recorded in the Bera Atal study, it is one of the few studies in the Basque Country without traps or cardboard. You notice. There are no unnecessary fillings, it's raw, and that direct sound helps direct songs. They shall not be directly corrected.

In some songs the jump is more evident, that is, development has been sought and attempts have been made not to repeat what has already been done. But unlike other groups, it does not affect the substance at all. And on this occasion they have filled the album with songs. None is enough, and everyone has their own particular thing. Tatxers has found their place and we have suerte.Los
Tatxers feel “in constant comparison” and often have to recognize that they are not nostalgic. Being British rock, being Itoiz and Balerdi Balerdi, they place them in the waves of nostalgia. No one lacks reason. Because the group remembers those molds that have already been made, like guitars without distortions, even clearer on this album.

But there is a radical misunderstanding. That standing in the tradition of styles already made makes you nothing nostalgic. Nostalgia is absolutely passive. No one moving is nostalgic. It can have backwaves because we all drink from anywhere. Because creation is not inventing itself, but reinventing itself.

From the paper tigers of his friend Mao Zedong they manage to describe the time; in the melodies of the generation cultivated in the place between what is and what is not, it is a failure when it seems that the only way has more strength: “This will not be / to change the world to better / such crazy illusion. They are paper tigers / those in front / those who are not able to resist the wind”. A little hope for failure, in the end. And we have a new motto for victory: “Our bouquet of flowers!”

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