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Just over five years ago, I received the proposal to collaborate in ARGIA. I remember, it was still mine at my parents' home when I read the e-mail. I got nervous. It took me half a second to think about the answer, but I took time to write the message back error free. I went over and over again before I sent it, and I doubted whether I would have a level to post in ARGIA. It took me responsibility. I wanted to do things in order.

Since then I have been comfortable writing every three or four months. I have tried to work calmly and gently. I have moved my fingers freely through the keyboard, “including spaces of 3,400 characters,” the only limitation I have had. Infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, perinatal mourning, puerperium, lactation, menstruation, sexuality… The truth is that I am proud to have given a place to these kinds of issues. But, as the song says, nothing is forever. And I've come here. I've had a hard time making the decision: these are the last letters I'm going to write in ARGIA.

The year 2023 I have fulfilled many intentions. I have opened large windows from the front and I fear that the groove of the current will be excessive. That is why I decided that the time has come to close some open windows earlier. Rather than being in the hands of the wind wave, because I prefer to choose myself. I want to do it slowly before I break anything.

Well, I've already started to repent half, and rather than moving around, I'd better get to the point. I have the greetings. Little literature, this time. Straight and simple. I would like to fill these lines of thanks. Nothing else.

Infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, perinatal grief, puerperium, lactation, menstruation, sexuality -- I'm proud to have given a place to these kinds of issues.

Thank you ARGIA for betting on me. Thank you very much for hosting them in your house. It was great to have to spend time writing from time to time. I recognise that it is sad, but the obligation has given me the opportunity. A delivery date, therefore there is no excuse. There has been some care of the car. The paradox of having to find a place on the agenda for what is done gladly.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to read some of my articles, I still find it very strange to think that there are readers that I do not know. And of course, heartfelt thanks to all the friends, family and colleagues you have never missed. You are luxury fans. I love you so much.

Thank you very much, uniform, to the women and families you met with. They make sense of my trade, and that's what I've written in most cases. I have departed from you in almost every letter. You have ignited the occurrences. I owe you the thoughts.

The last ski is the most special. And it goes to you, Aitor, because everything I have written has had almost as much of you as of me. You have carefully read all the articles. He made me a brutal criticism. You helped me with rigor and affection. Thank you for being next door. My muse. It was nice to create by your side. Think even more that I now have inside the abdomen what we just created together. With the advent of what is coming, we are going to devote as much time as possible from now on to calm and pampering.

I am sure I will have a letter from now on. And I'll keep writing. Because that's the way I've found to keep what I don't want to forget forever. I write how others take pictures. There will therefore be one next. Because, I've closed the window, but I've kept the key well, just in case. Date and place. Until the next one.

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