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White trees and trees

  • It simplifies the landscape. Autumn removes and calms many plants and its landscape is its main vision. In the spring and summer garments, imperceptible visions appear, the winter colors and shapes of the adarje and the logs are works of art of short duration.
Zein liken bizi den arabera ezagutzen dute zientzialariek ingurune horretako airearen kalitatea; likenak dira arnasaren kalitatearen neurria. Argazkia: Jakoba Errekondo / ARGIA-CC-BY-SA

26 February 2024 - 06:00
Last updated: 09:17

Trees and bushes have a new horn every winter like deer. We are more surprised in trees and trees, it seems that it is always the same and the same, but it grows year after year, it lengthens, it expands… And around it, under it, biodiversity grows. If we were to explore each tree in depth and rigorously, it would realize that it's an entire ecosystem, a universe. The underground would be the richest world, but the underground world is not scarce either; it has a lot of living, traveling companions, tired friends, playmates, friends sins and above all collaborators: fungi, bacteria, insects, mammals, reptiles, birds and birds and a long, deep and slow etc.

We ignore the winter of the tree, but it's spectacular. Visual and verbal. There it is, there it is in the demonstration, in its strongest, superficially, exhibitionist. And we ignore ourselves, trees and trees in leaves, in new shoots, in flowers, in fruits. But who, now is who, with all the skin and with the spindle and the gurtxinga among the brilliant.

In the bark the tree also has guests, friends and friends. Some very prominent, like lichens that brighten up the corchina of clouds and clouds with extraordinary flashes.

Lichens are eccentric, composite, binary creatures, not bipolar ones: they are the union of a fungus and an algae. They live in symbiosis, in continuous exchange. Scientists know the air quality in the area where the humidity is located, and lichens are the measure of the quality of breathing. The trees knew it before us and stayed in their body, in the axal of the skin. And in this month of February, which extends daylight, laurels are taught and you see apples, robledals, black thorns, clouds, etc. white. Show.

Trees and trees show the white dress to the current germ. Many lichen are white, lari, gray. It's worth looking and seeing. After heat: leaves, flowers, etc. too visible…

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