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In solidarity with the Youth of Zestoa, they continue to point to the Church

  • The Church maintains a judicial proceeding against the Gaztetxe de Zestoa, to be held this Wednesday. Last Friday a rally in favor of the Gaztetxe took place in the cathedral of the Good Shepherd of San Sebastian.
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23 January 2024 - 07:44

The Gaztetxe de Zestoa (Gipuzkoa) continues to be at risk of morbidity, as the Church continues the judicial proceedings against it, in particular the bishopric of Gipuzkoa. In solidarity with the young, a series of protests are taking place in the Basque Country, such as last Friday afternoon at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd of San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa). Many people gathered there and demanded that the Church discontinue the eviction of the Gaztetxe of Zestoa. In addition, they called again "betting on the Church of Trafficking and Money."

The Young Assembly of Zestoa and the Defense Community of the Spaces of Labor Control have been calling for weeks to bet on the Gaztetxe de Zestoa. In Gipuzkoa alone, 700 requests for apostasy have been gathered; in Euskal Herria, the largest collective commitment has been made so far. During the Friday rally, several people left in the Cathedral several instances to access the Cathedral and wager.

This Wednesday, 24, the trial against the Gaztetxe de Zestoa will be held in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa). Two young people from Zestoa will be tried on the occasion of the remodeling of the Gaztetxe, claiming significant compensation and fines. The new Gaztetxe was acquired in February last year by the Young Assembly of Zestoa, after several years of struggle for its relocation.






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