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Judge orders the eviction of Zestoa's gaztetxe

  • The members of the Zestoa Youth Assembly have ordered their eviction and have been condemned to pay the costs of the process. They call to mobilize in defense of the Gaztetxe on Sunday, February 4, from Zestoa Square.  
Astelehen goizean Urola Erdiko hainbat gaztek Zestoako Gaztetxearen defentsan eginiko agerraldia. // Argazkia: Gedar

30 January 2024 - 12:04
Last updated: 14:59

The Azpeitia Court’s ruling on the Zestoa Gaztetxe trial comes: The judge has ordered the eviction of the gaztetxe and fines that prevent young people from paying can exceed EUR 70,000. This is what some young people from Urola Erdia said in their appearance on Monday before the Bishopric of Gipuzkoa, because if they do not leave voluntarily, the court will initiate an expropriatory process. The sentence has been condemned by the Young Assembly of Zestoa and as a protest they have called to mobilize to continue fighting for the gaztetxe: on Sunday, 4 February, he will leave the Plaza Mayor of Zestoa at 12:30 noon.

In February of last year opened the new gaztetxe of Zestoa, after two years preparing the process of moving the center from the old gaztetxe. This was how the Youth Assembly occupied the Elizondo building in Zestoa. However, upon learning of the occupation, the Bishopric of Gipuzkoa filed a complaint. The building to be evacuated is the property of the church.


For this reason, a campaign has been launched in recent weeks in collaboration with the Workers Controlled Spaces Defence Community, which has promoted collective apostasy: In Gipuzkoa alone, more than 700 requests for apostasy have been gathered and on Monday attempts have been made to hand these requests in the bishopric of Gipuzkoa. But, for the time being, the church has not received and accepted these requests, as the Ertzaintza has kept the access to the bishopric closed.

They denounce the attitude of the Church: “It is putting revenge on young people who are organizing themselves in disinterested work, political awareness and accountability.” They have pointed out that the main intention of the Church is to “beat the organization of young people and choke it with a fine”.

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