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Volodimir Zelenski: "31,000 Ukrainian and 409,820 Russian soldiers have died in this war"

  • Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski overrides Russian data on Ukrainians who have died in the war. It calls on the United States to continue to provide military assistance.
V. Ghirda AP

27 February 2024 - 07:50
Last updated: 14:30

Two years have passed since the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Ukraine President Volodimir Zelenski first provided data on the deaths on Sunday, 25 February, with 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in the war: “It’s very painful for us.” As for the Russians killed by Ukraine, it says that 409,820 have been killed.

Zelenski cancels data provided by other countries: “America’s most radical say we have 300,000 deaths. The Russians say that Ukraine has lost more than 100,000 people and that the Russians have lost about 35,000. They say something like that, but everything is false. 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died in this war, not 300,000 or 150,000.”

Reports of deaths, but does not indicate the number of injuries: “I’m not going to say how many wounded there are, because Russia would know how many people have left the battlefield.”

He has also talked about civilians, but he has not given concrete data: “We know they are tens of thousands, but you don’t know how many thousands are killed, tortured or deported.”

In addition to providing data, ask EE.UU. continuing to provide military assistance and, inter alia, calls for ten new Patriot missile systems: “The dynamics of conflict can change.”

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