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Different agents of the Urola Valley organize mountain ranges and talks to "make known the damage of wind farms"

  • The project, which aims to avoid the construction of wind power plants in the 101 Montes, aims to inform about environmental, nutritional and archaeological damage. Anaitasuna Mendi Bazkuna, Sokaitz eskalatzaileak, Lagun Onak Mendi Bazkuna, Agiro Mendi Kluba, and Oletan ere ez! and Sañu Bizirik! Groups are the organizers. It shall begin on 11 January and end on 4 May.

11 January 2023 - 14:34
Last updated: 15:47
Urola bailarako hainbat eragilek '101 egitasmoa' antolatu dute zentral eolikoen aurka. /Argazkia: Uztarria

Against the wind farms that will be installed in the Urola Valley (Gipuzkoa), various agents have organized mountain ranges and talks under the motto '101 reasons not to build wind power plants in the mountains'. The organization has explained that the objective of the project is to make known to the citizens the damages that these megas projects have in the environment, food sovereignty and archaeological heritage: "From the mouths of experts without any millionaire interest", several local media have highlighted.

The Anaitasuna Mountain Association of Azkoitia, the group of climbers Sokaitz of Azpeitia, the Lagun Onak Mountain Association of Azpeitia, the Agiro Mountain Club of Zestoa, neither in Oleta! the team and Sañu Bizirik! The organizers are the team.

From 11 January to 4 May, the mountain march and three talks have been consolidated, but they have opened the doors for more dates. Among others, on Wednesday 11 January, at 19:00, at the Elkargune de Azkoitia, Alvaro Campos, Researcher and Professor of the UPV/EHU and Doctor of Technical Engineering, will offer the conference 'Critical analysis of the energy transition'.

The first mountain outing will take place next week, on 22, to go to Mount Oleta of Azkoitia and arrange a guided tour to the megalithic station.


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