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Legutiano students start working on responsible water consumption and end up organizing popular river cleaning

  • Working on the issue of water with the students has done a lot at the Garazi school in Legutiano: they have set up a way not to waste water in the taps and showers of the school toilets, they have set up a system to take advantage of rainwater in the school orchard and they have been around 70 people taking trash out of the village river. Along the way, they've learned a lot about sustainability, water cycles and ecosystems, or the impact of garbage.
Uste baino zabor gehiago atera dute erreka eta urtegitik (besaulki bat, gurpilak, aulkiak, pila bat botila, lata, plastiko, arropa, zapatila…). Herriko plazan utzi dute asteburuan, jendeak ikus dezan.

19 March 2024 - 06:23
Last updated: 09:39

The theme of water was addressed last year at the Garazi School, within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, and has been addressed by different branches, both Children and Primary students.

How much water does the faucet flush?

Among other things, it has been a responsible consumption of water. At first, students developed a diagnosis of the school area where water is used and for what purpose. The 4-year-old children identified the dining room, the bathroom, the orchard, the showers, and also calculated the amount of water they used to water the orchard, for example. What did you see? “The school is outdated, and from the tap sometimes a lot of water comes out of it, among other things because the pulsators get stuck,” said school director Laxia Zubia.

Two projects emerge from this development. On the one hand, flanges have been placed on the pulsators as a short-term solution to limit the time of water discharge. On the other hand, it was concluded that instead of using tap water for the orchard, rainwater can be used and for this purpose the system has already been implemented, with the cooperation of the municipality.

"The school is outdated and the tap sometimes has plenty of water, among other things because the pushers get stuck"

Take a sample of water and analyze it

The center has also addressed the biodiversity associated with reservoirs and rivers. Dams, mills, water sanitation, wastewater treatment, water cycle, water quality and pollution have been analysed, as well as their impact on nature. They have approached the reservoir of Legutiano and have known firsthand the plants and animals in the area, talked about invaders, of threatened or endangered animals (European border, nutria…). They have also received several lectures, including that of the water agency and the forest guard, taking advantage of the fact that he is the father of a student.

In the second cycle of Primary, sampling has been studied and students have taken a sample of the river water before and after the popular cleaning.

River trash to town square

In Legutiano, the school has jumped to the town and an initiative has been carried out that has involved both the city council and the public: to take the most trash out of the river “because it is a commitment of all”. To announce the popular clean-up of rivers, a poster competition has been held at school, posters have been placed around the town and last weekend some 70 people met to divide them into small groups and clean both the river and the reservoir. They also had the help of a manager of the water agency.

Professor Eider Quintas tells us that they have removed more trash than they expected (a chair, wheels, chairs, parts of the bathroom and a stack of bottles, cans, plastics, clothing, slippers…). After cleaning they have had time to take the snack and are still waiting to repeat more actions.

The garbigune has been transferred to the garbigune, but before doing so, they have left it in the plaza on the weekend for people to see. “We have sought an impact to raise awareness and raise awareness among citizens,” said the school’s principal.


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