MarĂ­a Rivero
"Humor is still very masculine, there's a lot to change in this field."
  • From the hand of Korrika Kulturala, eMcumeak, directed by Olatz Beobide, will offer on Tuesday at 19:00 at the Ansoin Theatre the humour of Maria Rivero and Itxaso Paya.
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Maria Rivegana and Itxaso Paya work in the eMcumeak office, which performs recruitment mediation. Every day they receive the demands of clients that need creative women to meet the quota. Obstacles to competition will be encountered along the way. Musical satire that puts on the table the situation of creative women, with name and being, humor and humor, but wanting to criticize.

Maria Rivero and Itxaso Paya are the actors behind these two protagonists, in a humorous work directed by Olatz Beobide. From the hand of Korrika Kulturala, the show will be represented at the Ansoin Theatre on Tuesday at 19:00.