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Groups of tourists want to limit themselves to 25 people also in Hondarribia

  • The group of tourists Abotsanitz, mayor of the city, presents a motion on the "impossibility of going through the streets", on the occasion that the Hondarribiarras "suffer the consequences of this whole tourist mass": "The city model sought by the authorities in recent years is overflowing."
"Azken asteetan, nagusiki Alde Zaharra eta Portua auzoetan ikusi ditugu berrogeitik gorako turista-taldeak, noraezean egongo balira bezala". Argazkia: Guiarepsol

25 June 2024 - 07:35
Zarata mediatikoz beteriko garai nahasiotan, merkatu logiketatik urrun eta irakurleengandik gertu dagoen kazetaritza beharrezkoa dela uste baduzu, ARGIA bultzatzera animatu nahi zaitugu. Geroz eta gehiago gara, jarrai dezagun txikitik eragiten.

In Donostia-San Sebastian, from last April to 25 people have reduced the maximum number of people per group of tourists, and now they want to follow the same path in Hondarribia. Abotsanitz denounces that the coastal locality has “questioned the citizen coexistence as it is sold as a nice demand, as a nice product for the foreigners”, and that it has as its objective a model of city based on a decent and pleasant quality of life.

“In recent weeks we have visited mainly the neighborhoods of the Casco Viejo and Puerto, as if they were adrift, groups of tourists over forty years old.” As a result, the party criticizes that the overcrowding makes it difficult to walk the street and that the neighbors also have difficulty accessing the portal.

Since the tourist groups were limited to 25 in San Sebastian, the large groups have had to change their destination “and many of them, unfortunately, have looked at our country”, added the central aspect of Hondarribia, so it proposes to create a public space ordinance and establish the same limitation in Hondarribia.

Souvenir shops and menus in English

In fact, Deputy Mayor Josu Peña recently appeared on a Spanish television channel talking about the issue. It indicates that the old town, which used to have bars and quarries, has become a shopping street full of people, full of souvenir shops and menus in English. It also denounces that the price of housing has skyrocketed. "Hondarribia has always been a tourist village, but over the past two years it has been massively overcrowded, especially on weekends, the town is full and collapses," he says.

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Territory and architecture

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Proud of the old! parties
In the Old Town of Vitoria-Gasteiz, they pay tribute to the neighbors and neighbors who have banned tourist homes on their portals.
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Hundreds of people manifest in San Sebastian by a habitable city model
Organized by the San Sebastian Ombudsman Coordinator, formed by various associations of neighbours and social movements in Donostia, hundreds of people have spoken out this Sunday in favor of a habitable city model. 42 social groups and neighborhood associations have joined the... [+]

Debates on silent macro-projects in the electoral campaign
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Will reduce to 25 people the maximum number of people per group of tourists in Donostia
San Sebastián Turismo will implement the measure from 10 April and will be obliged to comply as otherwise they will penalise the tourist driver with fines.

Three out of four Donostiarras consider tourism to harm them “a lot”
The UPV/EHU asks the Donostian citizenship about the perception of tourism and concludes that more than half of the population feels “frustrated”. The research was funded by the City Council of San Sebastian and the Basque Government.

Residents can ban tourist apartments, according to the Supreme Court
Faced with the problems in the two buildings of San Sebastian and Oviedo, the judges have delegated the prohibition of tourist apartments in the communities of neighbors. However, it will be necessary for the prohibition to be included in the residence status of the building.

The Government takes the first steps to implement the tourist tax
At the state level, although few communities have implemented the tourist tax, there are 137 tourist cities worldwide that charge this tax.

Multitudinary protest against the tourist in Donostia
Citizens have denounced that tourist activity has acquired “excess volume and weight” in the city. They also demand that the situation be directed towards a “tourism disaster” to avoid “aggravating and perpetuating damage”.

The Casco Histórico de San Sebastián hosts an initiative against the turistification “Welcome to Pintxoland”
The Bizilagun platform has pointed out that shops and hotel establishments for tourists in the Old Part of San Sebastian are the main causes of damage to the neighbors.

Saran and Zugarramurdi complain about a road construction project on Mount Arxuria
The construction of the road aims to benefit the private company Bidasoa Arxuria Group, dedicated to the Delta and Paragliding slopes. Despite opposition from the neighbours and elected officials of Zugarramurdi and Sara, the Baztan City Hall has voted in favour of road... [+]

Organize "October against Turistification" to claim the tourism disaster for San Sebastián
In October, two tourism conferences will be held in the Gipuzkoan capital, organized by the Bizilagun platform. He denounces that in recent years San Sebastian has distinguished himself "as a tourist business center" at national and international level.

2023-08-30 | Ilargi Manzanares
The Official College of the Basque Country may limit the prices of rentals in tension localities
The French Housing Minister, Patrice Vergriet, announced this opportunity on Sunday in the tertulias of Intxauseta. It would come into force from 2025.

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Unesco proposes to include Venice in the list of endangered heritage sites
Unesco has pointed out that the measures taken by Italy to protect Venice “are not enough” and “must be increased”. Mass tourism, reform projects and climate change have been the main risks.

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