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Trans law reform is about to be adopted in the Basque Parliament

  • Adopted by a large majority. EAJ/PNV, PSE-EE, EH Bidu and Elkarrekin Podemos and IU have given their approval and the PP has opted against, with the inclusion of “Various improvements” in Osakidetza, in the educational and labor sphere.
Eusko Legebiltzarreko bilkura bat. // Argazkia: Wikimedia Commons

31 January 2024 - 11:35

The reform of trans Basque law has been adopted by a large majority in the Basque Parliament. PNV, PSE-EE, EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos and IU, and against PP. After the last procedure, 68 of the 75 MEPs of the Basque Government will support the reform at the plenary session in the coming weeks.

A second reform of the law that will incorporate “some improvements”. In 2019, in the first reform, it was established that trans people were not going to be treated as patients and that they would not be required psychiatric reports to verify their identity.

New measures in the field of health, education and employment will be established on this occasion. The right to receive “comprehensive and appropriate” attention to transactions will be guaranteed and Osakidetza will have to provide a specific service to them in Álava, Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia. The administration shall have a period of six months to incorporate the service and shall be of first order. In the case of children of the collective, they may make medical decisions and have the right to be heard.

Education will require training for all members and discrimination protocols will be established. Students obliged to wear the uniform shall have the right to wear whatever is appropriate to their identity and to adapt all documentation to it.

In the field of employment, plans against discrimination will be put in place and EH Bildu proposes that clauses be laid down in the working conventions. They also change language; they establish the word "trans person, rather than transgender, to favor inclusion."

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