Tokikom wins EITB 2023 FesTVal Award
  • The local media network in the Basque Country will receive the EITB Prize this year. From Tokikome they have pointed out that EITB also recognizes the place that the premises are occupying worldwide and that recognition by the sector is "very satisfactory".
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Tokikom will be awarded the EITB Prize this year at the FesTV-festival in Vitoria. EITB will highlight the 10-year trajectory of a network of 76 local media in Euskera, including HIRUKA, and will recognize the work carried out in favor of the Basque media field.

In a note released by Festval, "for a decade, Tokikom has highlighted the importance of local media in society to prevent the loss of information. In addition, it has established new models of collaboration, including EITB, to boost the expansion of the sector and address future challenges."

These partnerships include: Excellent work for the audiovisual platform, the Saretzen project, which has taken its first steps in data journalism, our radio collaboration to bring local stories to the radios, the knowledge and tools that have been shared, the production and collaborative shielding of special sessions, etc.

Director Alaitz Artolazabal welcomed the award: "The recognition of the media entirely in Basque does not occur every day. We form a strong community, but to make it even bigger, we need effective partnerships. The fact that a large company like EITB has seen this effort that we do from a young age is positive and gives us strength to follow so many years."

Tokikome works in a zero-kilometer communication, in which, in tune with the nearby community, the information is worked first hand, from the commitment to the individuals and entities of the environment, honestly and professionally. It works the information firsthand, without intermediaries, contrasting sources and closing rumors. Local media reach the population for all colors and trends. Effectively and with the maximum return on resources, providing one more example of the commitment and effort to improve the community itself. After the brand da.Tokikom, more than 250 professionals work in a meeting of more than 76 media outlets, all oriented to the communication service.

The recognition shall be extended to ETB sports services. It is awarded a special prize of the 15th edition for its informative and dissemination work of Basque sport, as well as showcase of female sport.

The prize will be picked up by Tokikom at the gala of the 15th edition of FesTVal, which will be held on September 9, at 20:00 at the Teatro Principal de Vitoria. The rest of the award winners will be announced from FesTVal.