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Firewalls next week in Gaza? Parties are in full negotiation

  • U.S. President Joe Bide has stated that the cease-fire agreement is very close and he hopes that the cease-fire will begin on 3 March. In Ramada comes the time and at that time attacks would be cut off. Sixteen responds, however, that there has been talk too early in Bide and that the central issues of the agreement are not yet related.
Argazkia: Wikimedia / Wafa (Q2915969)

28 February 2024 - 10:16

What does the agreement say?

The draft proposal for negotiations between the US, Israel, Egypt and Qatar has been published. According to this, the truce will last 42 days, coinciding with Ramadana, and at an early stage Sixteen will release 40 Israeli civilians for some 400 Palestinian prisoners.

In addition, the Paris proposal provides for the entry of 500 humanitarian aid trucks into Gaza, the reconstruction of hospitals and shredded bakeries and the gradual and limited return of displaced Palestinians to northern Gaza.

Nevertheless, the Sixteen authorities have been more cautious. They say that the agreement has not yet been concluded, that the main points are unlinked and that the criteria for the withdrawal of Israeli forces are not entirely clear. The draft has been filtered for propaganda: “The Paris draft is an American proposal that aims to devote more time to Netanyahu to prepare for a new attack.”

Since the beginning of the Israeli genocide, Israel and Sixteen have achieved a one-week ceasefire at the end of last November: Sixteen released 105 Israeli hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners.

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