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Jews against Zionism are persecuted in Germany

  • Last week in Berlin they organised a sympathetic congress with Palestine, but it was closed by the police. Several Jews against Zionism were taken to Atxilo.
Alemaniako Poliziak Palestinaren eta Bakearen Aldeko Juduen Ahotseko bozeramaile Udi Raz atxilotu duen unea, apirilaren 12an. Argazkia: Ali Abu Nimah
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19 April 2024 - 10:29

Last week, in solidarity with Palestine, an anti-Zionism association organized a congress in Berlin: Voices of Jews for Peace and Palestine. This initiative involved working on the massacre in Gaza, the Zionist occupation and the complicity of the German Government, with many guests. The three-day congress began on Friday, but it was forcibly banned and closed by local police authorities, who mobilized 900 police officers and cut off the initiative.

He entered the police room during the Congress, with 250 people present. The agents stopped live tracking and ordered the participants to stop recording the congress at the time several speakers were speaking. They also cut off electricity. The police, under the Palestinian initiative, led the police to Jews against Zionism.

In the past, moreover, he joined one of the rapporteurs who had to speak at the congress: the Palestinian Ghassan Abu Sitta. He was banned from entering Germany during the congress. In addition, the police authorities used their participation to ban the congress organized by anti-Zionist Jews. Abu Sitta said he has made "anti-Semitic statements", although it seems ironic.

Udi Raz was one of the Jews detained last week in Berlin. This was explained by the Union of Anti-Zionist Jews (@TorahJudaism): "The reason for the arrest was the protest against Israel and support for Palestine. In Germany, being against Israel and helping Palestine is considered a crime. Why has the German State always been on the wrong side throughout history? ".

Solidarity with Palestine has been severely banned and persecuted in the German State in recent months. Many demonstrations in favour of Palestine have been banned and repressed. And not only that: the authorities have also criminalized the removal of the keffiyeh scarf.

Jews against Zionism in the spotlight also in Palestine

In addition to Germany, the Zionist State of Israel harasses the Jews on Palestinian lands against Zionism. The Israeli military has strongly broken into the synagogues of these Jews, facing them. Last week, Israeli soldiers violently broke into an anti-Zionist synagogue in Jerusalem, exiting and beating the Jews there.

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