LAB presents tools to work on an anti-razor model that transforms the union and crosses the entire structure
  • Josefina Txefi Roco, head of the LAB Antirazista Secretariat, and some migrant affiliates have explained how the union aims to build useful instruments to defend the rights and collective organization of migrant and/or racialized workers. @ahotsainfo 2023ko ekainaren 02a

The LAB union decided to set up the Secretary of Anti-Razist Syndicalism at the last congress in June 2022, as part of its commitment to a new syndicalism.

The administrative, racial or religious situation of people, among others, is used daily to violate, discriminate and blackmail the rights of migrant and/or racialized workers. Thus, the capitalist, colonial and patriarchal system generates primary, secondary or tertiary subjects and derives benefits from these differences, generating false rivalries among workers.

LAB argues that all people should have the same rights and opportunities. Its goal as a union is therefore to be able to read all these situations well and to build useful tools to defend the rights and collective organization of migrant and/or racialized workers. In addition to contributing to the resolution of colonial debt, LAB has taken this path not only because these colleagues contribute a great social and political contribution in the Basque Country, but also because they believe that it must be recognized and valued.

Well, in the presentation they stressed that the new LAB syndicalism would not be possible without the input of colleagues from Huerta de Peralta, the portals of home employees, distribution platforms, cleaners and many others.

The LAB syndicate already has a strategic plan of anti-racism syndicalism that is the result of a collective process that will comprehensively address four main dimensions. LAB says:

  • Anti-Reason Trade Union Awareness: Developing an anti-razor union awareness is the first step to have tools to help identify the presence of prejudices, trends and racism, as well as to disassemble them into everyday practices. This involves every single person in LAB. At the same time, it will be possible for migrant and racist workers as political subjects to have a place of encounter, articulation and recognition within LAB to create a network of their own that allows greater visibility and spokespeople in all sectors, territories and struggles.
  • Antirazism throughout the union: Antirazism has to be reflected in specific issues: structure, organization, modes of operation... Thus, it will be necessary to review and adapt some themes to facilitate the accessibility, presence and participation of migrant and racialized workers. In addition, political and technical training processes and materials will be promoted for the implementation of anti-razism and the detection and dismantling of prejudices, privileges, fears and comfort areas.
  • Anti-Razist socio-trade union action: To promote anti-razist socio-union action, based on the concrete conditions and realities of these workers, who will be the protagonists, recreating and exploring new forms of collective struggle and organization.
  • Social and political impact: LAB wants to make a social and political contribution to building a Basque country with rights and opportunities for all. In this respect, we will make proposals and demand political action.