They call for recognition as a victim of the sister of political prisoners Sara Fernández
  • The platform “Sara gogoan” has asked the main Navarre institutions to organize the mechanisms necessary to officially recognize the relative of political prisoners as a “victim” of political motivation. To pay tribute, an act of memory will be held on 28 November.
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Twenty years have passed since the young Sara Fernandez visited a friend who was a prisoner and the platform “Sara gogoan” will perform on November 28 at 19:00 in the Theatre School of Navarra the act of demonstration and memory to ask for her “recognition and reparation”. Twenty people in memory of Sara at a press conference with red carnations announced this Wednesday. The platform points out that steps must be taken to make the family member of political prisoners and their family “officially recognized” and calls on the main Navarre institutions to “organize the necessary mechanisms”.

Platform spokesman Asier García recalls that “the removal and systematic dispersion of Basque prisoners” has been maintained for 35 years, which has meant an “exodus of relatives and relatives”. He adds that, despite the fact that the dispersion has ended today, Sara and the other victims affected by this dispersion have not been granted “corresponding official recognition”.

García has highlighted the adherence of more than twenty political, social, historical and cultural agents of the Casco Viejo de Navarra to this initiative. Among them are Matalaz, the Youth Movement of the Old Town AZGM, Haritu, Zabaldi, Zaldiko and Egia Zor.

Circumstances of the accident

On November 29, 2023, Sara Fernández and Izaskun Urkijo Valdemoro went to visit a friend in Madrid prison. Halfway through an accident, Sara died and Izaskun was seriously injured. For a 40-minute visit, they had to travel 410 kilometers and if not 410 to return. They emphasized that this was an “avoidable death.”