The PP rises to the Antéa which has illegally exploited the tourist weights: Adviser to the municipal group of Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • ARGIA published in April 2023 that Gustavo Antéa has exploited without authorization tourist weights in the Casco Viejo de Vitoria-Gasteiz and that he has carried out “clandestine” works in it. In the restructuring after the May elections, the significant member of the PP of Álava and Vitoria has been removed from the board of directors of the public society Ensanche 21 of urbanism after two legislatures. She is given a new responsibility, appointing her advisor to the municipal group with a salary of 3,449.14 euros per month.
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Gasteizko PPren argazkia 2023ko udal hauteskundeetan. Antépra erdian goian, Laura Garrido legebiltzarkidearen gainean. Argazkia:

Antépara has been the representative of the PP in the three public societies of Vitoria in the last term: Widen 21, AMVISA and HAD). After the May elections, the PP has set aside all three.

PP rises to Antéa

With the changes that have taken place after the elections, his party has risen to Antéa in two ways: political and economic. Politically, it has given him more responsibility. The Boards of Directors of Public Companies have met once a month in the last legislature, with three identical monthly meetings, and in this framework party representatives do not have a relevant political weight. The position of advisor to the municipal group is assigned by the parties to trusted people and empowers to influence the party's municipal policy.

He works as advisor to the team of the PP City Hall in Antéa. Gross monthly salary of 3449.14 euros of public money

The Management Board’s allowances amount to EUR 119.65 per meeting. If Antépa received them, it would be 358.95 a month. Now, as an advisor, the PP member is salaried throughout the day. It receives a gross monthly salary of 3449.14 euros. All these data are available on the municipal website itself.

List of "temporary staff" of the municipal PP group in the third line of Antéa. Image: Website of the City of Vitoria-Gasteiz.


Illegal practices of significant PP member

Antépara is a significant member of the PP of Vitoria and Álava. He was a councilor at the City of Vitoria during the period 2016-2019, after the replacement of Javier Maroto. In the municipal and foreign elections in May, the party included both Álava and Vitoria in the fourteenth and seventh place, respectively. As ARGIA published in April, on the one hand, the city council opened a file to the company Luxury Rental Apartments, accused of performing “clandestine” works for the integral renovation of floors in the streets Pintor y Correría. On the other hand, Luxury has been renting several homes since at least 2021, although it did not have permission to do so.

Regarding the files opened by the City Hall, the Department of Territorial and Climatic Action of the City of Vitoria-Gasteiz imposed a fine of 500 euros on Luxury for the works carried out in the two houses of the streets Pintore and Hedegile (the law provides for a fine of between 500 and 5,000 euros). Luxury appealed and the city council ratified the fines on 12 and 13 July, ending the administrative route.

The relationship between Antéa and Luxury today

The PP and Antépa assured, responding to ARGIA’s information, that Antépa had no responsibility for the company since 2019, before Luxury performed illegal activities. The PP Communication Officer showed at the party's headquarters ARGIA the documents that said so, presented by Antépa. But ARGIA demonstrated that until 1 July 2022 it was the only Luxury administrator in Antéa, that is, that the actions reported were carried out under its administration. These tests were put by ARGIA in the hands of the PP, but the PP continued to support the party.

Several neighbors assure ARGIA that they have seen tourists on the floors of Pintor y Correría Street throughout the months of July and August, and that on one and the other street they have seen Antéa itself on several occasions, although since July 2022 the company's only administrator is Pilar Perosanz, president of Arabatur, with close connections with the Antepara. Luxury owns, among other things, a full portal on the street Pintor del Casco Viejo, with four homes. In September, Luxury registered two apartments in the government as a tourist housing, but offers for rent the four houses of the portal on sites like Booking.