Porrusalda and gait
Udane Barinagarrementeria Laka 2024ko martxoaren 01a
Argazkia: Sara Odriozola

Mefsst! Feminist musical revolt

WHEN: 24 February

WHERE: Hiruputzu youth centre in Zarautz


Mefsst starts with the Ainara Legardon conference! Second day of the festival in the gaztetxe Hiruputzu of Zarautz, creating an intimate space to reflect on the influence of artificial intelligence in the cultural and musical sector. To confess the truth, I found a little laughter when I went to Elhuyar to seek the reward in Basque of the meaning of Surveillance Capitalism, which Ainara has explained raw. Care capitalism, take that.

But oxymorone in oxymoron has been followed by MJ Lisamine, giving warm chills caused by colloquium. And instead of paralyzing us in front of the monster, we've also been invited to leave our phones and dance around feminist members. Marches intensify and come from Bayona to bring fraternity and fire. The quintet is a proposal to inject feminism into the formula of punk, speed, distortions and direct messages, which forms a manifesto with soundtracks from the first song to the last. Nork esan zuen rugir beldur egiteko? Alerted, they connect to the public as soon as they start. Without little force of their own songs, they have interspersed a couple of versions that, keeping time, have broken the fire: Debt and Lola.

It seemed to me a good recognition of the legacy of the punk feminist of Euskal Herria, with the meaning it has to make in a festival that is the indispensable space of this legado.La frondosity and the smoke that make up the porrusalda and the marches, first opened the way to the hand of the Bayonese stripe that comes as a witness to these intense ones.

The mungian group Itzek has been responsible for the succession of the night, and the influence of local groups is evident in the incipient trio. They only have a recorded song, but they have a good list. A group that is taking action on live songs, a new wildflower managed from the music forest that stretches from Mungia to Euskal Herria, with hardly any fertilizers. And in the dark, already temperate, DJ Eromena gave us the opportunity to follow what you wanted, to end this edition of Mefsst!.

The soundtrack and the composition of the musical feminist revolt are the new wild flowers gestant, intense, weak and Lola. But also for them those who prepare with mime the porrusalda and the sound equipment. Because turning on the fire is not enough, you need to take care of it to last; so that the march is not the most eternal to put sweat, words and bodies.