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Seven Osasunbidea section heads investigate from the corruption office, including exclusivity

  • The Navarra Office of Anti-Corruption and Good Practice has found that seven section heads of Osasunbidea are failing to comply with the regulations, LAB reported this Thursday in Pamplona. Exclusivity is involved and it seems that their contracts would not be able to work in the private sector.

25 May 2023 - 14:38
Last updated: 16:03

Previously, LAB had already denounced some inappropriate conduct in Osasunbidea. On the one hand, in March he reported that some doctors received the exclusivity of Osasunbidea – EUR 800 per month – but that they were then working on illegal activity also in the private sphere.

In addition, he reported that section heads from different hospital areas, in addition to their work in the public sphere, are dedicated to the private sphere when these positions do not allow it. These allegations were refuted by the Department of Health, and those responsible for it state that the people reported would not have the names mentioned, so they could exercise in the private sphere.

LAB has now stated that the report submitted by the Office against Corruption shows that there are indications that these facts are true. According to the report, seven professionals work as section heads when they are not appointed. It should be remembered that in 2019 the Superior Court of Justice of Navarra studied the case and in the lawsuit it gave, the Health Service suspended this type of appointment, since they were not taken by competition.

One of these cases is the head of the Gynecology Department of the Hospital García Orcoyen de Estella, currently under study from the anti-corruption office. It is also mentioned that the anti-corruption office has twice requested information on this matter, but that the Section Head has not provided detailed information on his current professional situation.

Privatization of health

LAB spokesman in Navarra, Imanol Karrera, has denounced that “the Department of Health of the Government of Navarra continues to make progress in the privatization of Navarrabiomed, without reflection or assessment of the risks”, and has called for it to abandon this path to support an absolutely public health research institute. “We will not allow you to privatize public health. The privatization strategy must stop and we will denounce every step in that direction,” Karrera stressed.

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