The Government of Navarra will abolish the ESO Pact to two segregating centres of Opus Dei
  • Miravalles-Redin and Irabia–Izaga have students distributed since 1965.
Ainara Rodil Jaime 2024ko otsailaren 27a

In 2021, the Department of Education of the Government of Navarra began the process of suspension of the Primary Education concert of the private centers Irabia -Izaga and Redin-Miravalles, in which girls and boys studied in independent classrooms. In 2022, they suspended the Bachillerato Pact for similar reasons. Now, the Department of Education has told these two centers that from September 15 it will also suspend the ESO concert.

“The Department found since the beginning of the course 2023-2024 that the students of the four ESO courses at these centers were disaggregated by sex in different classrooms and that the LOMLOE law was not being complied with,” the Government said in a comment.

In January both centres submitted claims. They asked the Department of Education to maintain the agreements on condition that at the beginning of the next course there are girls and boys in all ESO classrooms — both centres have a guarantee that from the next course they will become mixed to maintain public funding. The Department of Education has rejected the request on the grounds that the conditions for suspension of the concert are met and the Government is legally obliged to suspend public funding. However, the convention will end on 15 September and if all the classrooms are already mixed, the Government of Navarra will withdraw and the Redin-Miravalles and Irabia -Izaga schools will be able to maintain their funding to date.