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Health from Navarra

  • It is the most produced vegetable in the Basque Country, about 70,270,000 kilos, both vegetables and maize, cereals, etc., that are produced in giant fields. Guess who it is? Yes, it is azatharra: broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica). Cabbage is one of the things that people do. The variety we know today, more than forty, comes from the Mediterranean, the majority of Italian origin.

04 December 2023 - 05:00

Numerous studies show that many plants of the Brokolia and Brasicaceae family, especially cabbage people, are very beneficial for health. In recent times, the results of studies are broader and they are recognized to be poorly rich in cancer.

And how much do you eat? We Basques eat less than a kilo on average a year. In the countries of the north that have an Atlantic culture like ours, it is more prestigious than here; it eats almost five kilos a year, for example, each UK. To this northern part of the Navarre production is directed. There you will find Navarro frozen broccoli everywhere. Most of the broccoli being worked is intended for companies working with frozen products.

Last year 70,000,000 kilos of broccoli were delivered in Navarra, 5,503 hectares dedicated to its production. To compare this, in the CAPV only 270,000 kilos, in 27 hectares dedicated to it. Last year, 1,890 ha (Asparagus officinalis), one third of the broccoli, and the artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var) were awarded to compare with other prestigious productions in Navarre. scolymus) 985 ha and only 930 ha pepper (Capsicum annuum).

If it is installed at home, it is sown throughout the spring, towards March the first and in June the last. The former will be planted in June and the latter in September. The first and last will be taken about 100 days of planting, coinciding with the 200 months of full fall. Its work is simple: in the hard earth solar eye, uncultivated, well paid with adult fertilizer (3 kg/m2) and after enjoying the lime or ash, plant with a good space (60-70 cm). We eat a head that flourishes. Don't cut out the whole plant, take out only the head, if you leave the leaves there you'll get the second harvest of the new broccoli heads.

If you're a Shooting Alfer or you don't have land, keep Navarros farmers and eat broccoli, it's time for you.

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