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Eight out of ten public schools in Navarra will have a continuous school day

  • Most of the families attending public schools in Navarre want continuous schooling, and so will most, but the total number will decrease, going to six divided and flexible school periods.

29 February 2024 - 14:38
Last updated: 2024-03-01 12:53:23

The families of public schools in Navarre have spent ten days voting school hours. Finally, 135 schools will have an uninterrupted period of schooling, divided by 31 and two flexible. The number of continuing classes in Navarre will be seven fewer than last year. They will start in the course 2024-2025 and keep their schedule until 2028.

The day continues at 14:00. Thus, parents have the opportunity to receive children from the same time, after the meal, at 15:00 hours, or at the end of free after-school activities, at 16:30 hours.

"They wanted to impose a school leaving"

The platform of families supporting continuing education is satisfactory with the result: “Almost all of us have opted for a model that respects the rhythms of all families and promotes equality.” They add that families have hit the table: “They wanted us to impose a starting schooling, but we have faced a model that benefits no one.”

Platform members stress that continued schooling offers a more “flexible” schedule: “If someone cannot receive children at noon, they can go later.”

Party supporters are also satisfied

On the other hand, the family platform for starting schooling has also been satisfied, as there will be six public schools with continuing education less than the previous one: “We are paralyzing the expansion of continuing education.” They add that they need a “quality” education that adapts “better” to the needs of Elementary and Children.

Party supporters also say that from 14:00 the schools should offer after-school activities but not: “The school becomes a place where children are kept.” In addition, they consider that it is “worse” for families in “more vulnerable situation”: “For some the only safe spaces of socialization are schools, and the long day takes them away from time”.

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