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The Book and Disc Fair of Ziburu adds a musical scene

  • However, the Adrian Pérez, Nice de Patxu and Ixabe groups will release their latest album through short concerts. As a presentation of books, the organizers Baltsan and ARGIA try to accommodate musical creation. Last Saturday the fourth edition of the fair in Ziburu.
Haira taldea egonen da Ziburuko Liburu eta Disko Azokan, ekainaren 3an. Argazkia: Haira/Guillaume Fauveau

31 May 2023 - 08:15
Last updated: 2024-01-08 10:14:28

One of the novelties of this edition is that of the second tablate dedicated to disk presentations. The offer of short concerts of the Fair of Ziburu is completed with the need to offer a more spectacular space to music: At 14:00 the Haira (Usopop) project of the Peio Erramouspe laboratory, at 15:00 Adrián Pérez (Valen) and at 16:30 Nice de Patxu (Baga Biga) will culminate with the performance of Ixabe (Maitakultura).

This is a joint offer with record companies: "We had contact with small labels or knives to work with them. The two of the South, the two of Norte.Les proposed Showcase to choose the project they wanted to make known. We have prepared a small platform for them, and they choose the group or project. The conditions were to sing in Euskera in the project and to be a maximum of three people, as it is a small performance of 20 minutes," explains Ihintza Marguirault.

Besides the presentations of books and records, the Ziburu Fair hosts a conference full of other cultural offerings: the children's show, the "Bozoka", a program of humor or exhibitions that combines the bertso and the drawing. The Adar group will close the fair by giving way to a shorter showcase format.

The full programme may be the subject of this link.


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