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3,000 families already commit themselves in Navarre to adolescents without mobility

  • In order to delay the age of having a mobile phone, forces are joined together and an association is established in Navarre with 3,000 families: Non-mobile adolescence. 50 establishments will allow young people to call from their landline when they need it. They envisage the growth of the initiative.
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The movement is not new: with the aim of delaying the age of giving the first phone to their children, families seek complicity among their parents: if the friends of the adolescent do not have a mobile, if the majority of the young do not have a mobile, it is easier not to give their children a mobile phone. Otherwise, the pressure of the group involves giving your child a mobile phone so as not to be excluded. The new Navarre association also makes available to families a form to sign a commitment to delay the age of the mobile phone.

Another initiative is that in establishments that have the “Call Home” sticker on the window, young people can use their phone to make calls. That's how they avoid having to take your phone on top. Thanks to the agreement reached with the Ansoáin City Hall, public buildings in this town have joined the “Call Home” initiative.

They have also met with the Department of Education to request a ban on mobile phones in schools.

The association Adolescence Without Mobiles has wanted to bring together the movements that have spread throughout Navarre in educational centers, parents and many peoples. With an official presentation, they have a forecast that will gradually grow. All information can be found on your website.

Concerned about pornography

Experts say that the brains of children and adolescents are not prepared for mobile management and that it negatively influences relationships, learning, concentration, sleep and self-esteem. The members of the new partnership are also concerned about the number of hours young people spend on the screen and the access that the Internet gives them to inappropriate content.

They put the UNICEF report on the table: In Navarre, the child receives his first mobile at 11.2 years of age on average, 37.5% of the adolescents spend more than five hours a day on the Internet, half sleep with the phone and one in five connects to the Internet at night. In addition, 39.3% have received some erotic or sexual content on their mobile. “The problem with pornography is terrible,” they explain in the presentation of the association.

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