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Death of Mikel Martin, a historic sexual liberation activist

  • Oreretarra Mikel Martín Conde died at the age of 70, a historical activist in the Basque Country LGTBI and co-founder of EHGAM. Oarsoaldeko Hitza has published that on Thursday morning he died of the disease he was diagnosed with before the summer.

02 March 2023 - 14:39
Mikel Martin omendu zuten Oreretan 2018an jaietan. (Wikipedia - Mendiurruzuno)

The EHGAM movement has spread the following message on social media: "Mikel has left us. Our life has been more breathable thanks to you. Meeting with you has always given us joy and strength of struggle. We are very proud of you. We remember you. Do not go with you! ".

In an interview conducted three years ago by Irutxuloko Hitzan Irati Salsamendi told how he started his career:

"I read an article in the journal Punto y Hora de Euskal Herria that moved me a lot inside and was a milestone. At the same time there was a group of EHGAM in Bizkaia, and I contacted her colleagues. There was a meeting in Donostia, which was my first. In 1979 transvestite Francisco Vadillo Santamaria Francis was murdered in Errenteria and after a few months I left the closet. The creation of EHGAM took place in 1977. A member named Antonio came from Wales and met with one of the group's founders at the Durango fair, Imanol Álvarez. Antonio told Imanol, literally, 'Do you know that in the United Kingdom the Marichos meet to fight for their civil rights? What do you think if we do something here?’ Imanol told him he saw many difficulties in Euskal Herria, but they went ahead and until today we have been fighting."

She has lived her whole life as a sex liberation militant. So in 2005, four Spanish military men beat him. It was unconscious. He said: "When I went to the taxi, I saw four people, beating in quite violent posture, street signs, etc., kicking. One day they approached me and insulted me meaningless. At ETA, and they asked me about the Ibarretxe Plan, then they started hitting me."

Five years ago, in Orereta, he was honored by the OiangozHau movement and made an underlying video, as Oarsoaldeko Hitzak rescued.


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