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Maximum dependent temperature in Güeñes: 45.6 degrees

  • On Wednesday some of the highest temperatures recorded in the Basque Country were collected. Among them, the heaviest were the interiors of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa: In Güeñes Euskalmet obtained 45.6 degrees and in Bergara 42. The 42 degrees of Pamplona Airport were also historic.

24 August 2023 - 08:09
Last updated: 10:43
Argazkia: EITB

Since last weekend a lot of heat is being done inside the territory, and the latent heat has spread to the coast as of Wednesday. However, until yesterday evening it has refreshed a little in almost the whole country, which has allowed to cool houses and buildings.

On Wednesday night, however, thermometers have remained high – also inside on Tuesday – and the hottest temperatures have been on the coast. Thus, in Higer de Hondarribia station, 33.5 degrees have been registered and in the island of Santa Clara of San Sebastian 31.8 degrees.

Throughout the Basque Country there is still a situation of heat alert, but for the next few hours the situation will improve. In the afternoon, the wind blows north-west, which will give a 10 degree decrease in thermometers, first on the coast and later inside.

The trend of the coming days is that Friday is still hot, but to another extent: indoor temperatures will be the highest, but not more than 30 degrees. For the weekend, temperatures will continue to drop, with a cloudy atmosphere and rain.

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