A festival for Basque political prisoners and refugees will be held in Ezpeleta on Saturday.
  • The aim is to help Basque prisoners and refugees through concerts. This year, Rakatapuntk, Xutik and Esne Beltza are the protagonists of the programme.
Ainara Rodil Jaime 2024ko otsailaren 26a
Esne Beltza izango da egitarauan / Argazkia: Gartxoak

“The purpose of the host association is to assist Basque prisoners and exiles in their personal and voluntary unrest in order to regain citizenship status after the experiences of imprisonment and/or exile they have suffered,” the organizers said. There will be concerts from 19:30 in the covered market.

The organizers also face the trial of Luhusu’s case: “For two people involved, Beatrice Molle-Haran and Txex Etcheverry, this concert will also serve to ask for exculpation, to make our contribution to the expenses that agents must face as a result of the dynamics of the Pacifiers.”


Tickets can be purchased in Ezpeleta’s Doxpi Pension and Baiona’s Pyrenees Pension (Xina) at €10. On the same day 12 euros will be sold.